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California Reich
Sliders, episode 59 (4.11)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Jerry O'Connell   IMDB   Quinn Mallory
Cleavant Derricks   IMDB   Rembrandt Brown
Kari Wuhrer   IMDB   Maggie Beckett
Charlie O'Connell   IMDB   Colin Mallory

Our heroes slide into a world run by a Nazi-like organization called Stompers. Their job is to enforce Racial Repatriation backed by Governor Schick. Under his edict, all citizens of color are shipped off to detention camps. Coincidentally, Schick has also introduced an army of free labor in the form of android workers called "Eddies." As the only person of color left on the streets of Los Angeles, Rembrandt is immediately spotted on arrival, apprehended by the Stompers and carted off to detention. There, he discovers the horrible secret behind Schick's economic recovery and its true human toll, while his fellow sliders try desperately to free him and expose Schick's evil organization.
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