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Slide by Wire
Sliders, episode 64 (4.16)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Jerry O'Connell   IMDB   Quinn Mallory
Cleavant Derricks   IMDB   Rembrandt Brown
Kari Wuhrer   IMDB   Maggie Beckett
Charlie O'Connell   IMDB   Colin Mallory

The Sliders slide off a militaristic Earth where the U.S.A. is battling the Soviet Union - only to land upon a world where possession of any technology is punishable by death. And Quinn, Rembrandt, and Colin don't realize that the Maggie that slid with them is a double who's fled from her oppressive Earth. Trapped on that world, "our" Maggie discovers that her double was a pilot who flew her complex fighter through a direct (and dangerous) cybernetic link to the brain - and if her lack of such a link is discovered, she'll be executed as a spy.
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