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Applied Physics
Sliders, episode 72 (5.2)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Cleavant Derricks   IMDB   Rembrandt Brown
Kari Wuhrer   IMDB   Maggie Beckett
Robert Floyd   IMDB   Quinn Mallory
Tembi Locke   IMDB   Diana Davis

Diana sets out to access a university lab to find a "cure" for Quinn and has her first encounter with one of her duplicates. She is shocked to learn that this version of herself is a single mother who is struggling to survive at a minimum level wage job. Ill-prepared for this revelation, Diana is unable to cope with the idea that a version of herself could possibly be anything but a successful scientist. She decides to use Dr. Geiger's recombinant technology to try to alter and improve her duplicate's life but instead accidentally summons Geiger from his hyperspatial exile. Now stabilized on this world, Geiger is free to continue his recombinant work that nearly destroyed the multi-verse.

Meanwhile, Mallory, with Maggie and Rembrandt's help, is still struggling with his new duality. But is Maggie really trying to help him or does she have another clandestine agenda? An agenda that would make "her Quinn".
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