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Sliders, episode 81 (5.11)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Cleavant Derricks   IMDB   Rembrandt Brown
Kari Wuhrer   IMDB   Maggie Beckett
Robert Floyd   IMDB   Quinn Mallory
Tembi Locke   IMDB   Diana Davis
Guest Cast:
Julie Caitlin Brown   IMDB   Colonel Kesh

Rembrandt is experiencing a series of bizarre dreams. He says Wade is calling to him, beckoning him to seek her out. Coaxing him to enter a bizarre rip in space time where she waits on the other side.

Maggie, Mallory and Diana are extremely leery of Rembrandt's behavior. Is he going nuts? Did something happen to him on the last world that is slowly causing him to lose his sanity? Is he so guilt ridden over Wade's ordeal that his mind is playing tricks on him?

But attitudes start to change when the doubting trio actually sees the rip materialize before them. Rembrandt tells them that he must jump through. The answers to his questions and their doubts are through that energy curtain. Reluctantly, Maggie, Mallory and Diana follow Rembrandt through to who knows what.

"What" turns out to be a very nasty place. On the other side of the rip the Sliders find themselves smack in the middle of a secret Kromagg base. There they learn that Wade's mind is being used a part of a heinous weapon that will help the Kromaggs repatriate their world from the humans.

Can they save Wade while at the same time stopping the Kromagg invasion? Or will Wade have to die so that others may live?
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